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Erin Tripp (Tlingit) is an actor, voiceover artist, and audiobook narrator based in Southeast Alaska. She is passionate about working on projects that uplift Indigenous storytellers across all mediums.


Erin has previously worked on such plays as Devilfish by Vera Starbard, Whale Song by Cathy Tagnak Rexford, and the road weeps, the well runs dry by Marcus Gardley. Erin’s television credits include Alaska Daily and The Great North. She’s also narrated audiobooks, such as, Berry Song by Michaela Goade, Blood Sisters by Vanessa Lillie, and Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina. A couple of other highlights as a voiceover artist have been Juneau Voices (a walking tour installation) and an audio story about Autumn Peltier for Rebel Girls.


Follow Erin on Instagram at @erins_library.

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